Looking for more than just martial arts?

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Building on the traditional Japanese Sobudo, you will strengthen your body awareness with us and increase your mental strength. The training courses at the Sobudo Academy are equally about body, mind and soul.

Online courses available at any time, no matter where you are!

You can choose from a variety of different disciplines. We are not only concerned with the aspect of martial arts, we also consider all areas of human life in the 21st century.

Through physical work to spiritual maturity.

Experience a whole new way of training

Based on our traditional Budo training, our online courses allow you to experience the same individual training through modern teaching methods that you would receive personally in our live training sessions in the studio … no matter where you are in the world!

Our educations

Sobudo art of fencing
Sobudo art of the fist

Each of our educations consists of several courses. You will be guided step by step through the lessons of a course, which will gradually be unlocked for you. All lessons are building-up and the learning content is coordinated with one another.

Sobudo art of weaponless defense

Sobudo: Our philosophy

Sobudo means translated from Japanese “the all-embracing martial art” .

We define Sobudo as “the all-embracing life” .

What does that mean?

So that a person is balanced and has a balance with himself and his environment, he needs stability in life, mental development and physical activity. For example, no high-performance athlete can manage an intensive training program in the long run if he does not eat well, sleep enough and is internally balanced.

All these aspects are offered by the Sobudo Academy with its trainings.

Takeda Ryu: Our source

Takeda Ryu is one of the oldest surviving schools of Japanese martial arts.

The tradition of their philosophy and techniques are documented and traceable back to the 12th century, their origin lies even further back in time.

What’s in it for me?

Already the warriors in ancient Japan – you surely know them under the name “Samurai” – had to possess more skills than pure martial arts. Discipline, a cool head in every situation, inner harmony, physical health and the ability to focus on the essentials were not only important in medieval Japan, but also enable you to be goal-oriented and successful in modern life – whether in sports, work or private life.

The successor of the Takeda Ryu recognized in Japan today is the Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha under the leadership of Soke Shuji Nakamura and represented by the Nippon Sobudo Rengokai.

Do you already have experience with other martial arts?

Then you have come to the right place too! With us you complement and deepen your know-how with traditional knowledge in its entirety and use the modern digital possibilities.

The steps to your success

You book the subscription you want

The Sobudo Academy offers you intensive training in the individual disciplines. in the Classic package all trainings are available for you.

If you want a very personal and intensive accompaniment, you benefit with the Premium package through regular live chats with the trainer, who also accompanies you mentally on your journey.

Your “Instructions”

Our educations are based on a completely new methodical training concept. It is therefore important and in any case very advisable to read our instructions at the beginning of each course.

These instructions are available as a video for every course. In addition, you will also receive valuable tips during the lessons so that you can implement the content you have learned in the best possible way.

The technology

At the beginning of each lesson, the Sensei shows you the technique for the respective learning content. Here it is important that you pay close attention to the subtleties.

The focus is in the detail

In the video for the respective lesson, we will show you which details are important in the individual exercises. Here we support you with graphic overlays so that you can focus precisely on them.

Training with the Sensei

Our videos are didactically structured so that you will do the exercises together with the sensei. The number of repetitions are deliberately selected in order to train the respective movements sufficiently often.

During the repetitions, there are audible and visual signals that remind you of the subtleties and details in the movement sequences.

Your learning progress will be visible and noticeable

If you have completely trained an exercise with the Sensei, the next exercise follows. In between and at the end of each lesson there are repetition sequences, because from the repetition you manage to consolidate these exercises and make them your routine.

As soon as you have completed a lesson, the next lesson will be unlocked for you after a certain amount of time. You will also be informed of this by email. We would like to give you this time on purpose so that you can consolidate what you have learned so far.

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