It is better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener at war.

Iaijutsu: The art of the sword

The sword is one of the oldest weapons used by humans, no matter what part of the world. Whether against his opponent or against himself, the sword was always a mystical object – a symbolic weapon. For example, as one of the three imperial insignia of Japan – the sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi – or the legendary Excalibur of King Arthur. The story goes from person to sword. To this day, soldiers use sabers and swords as part of their parade uniform on special occasions.

The first tradition of the sword as a weapon goes back 5000 years. There are many styles of sword handling and each has its place. At the Sobudo Academy we made a conscious decision to teach the traditional style of Japanese swordsmanship, which contains ancient techniques that have been handed down to the original and which is still actively practiced today.

Here you will learn step by step, structured from lesson to lesson, the basics (Kiso), the basic techniques (Kihon) and the higher level, the old style (Koryu) of Japanese swordsmanship.

The Sobudo Academy team wish you lots of fun and success.

Sobudo Academy sword

An absolutely unique online training

This traditional training at our Sobudo Academy offers a completely new learning concept.

From the very first lessons you can discover how you can individually learn the art of the sword online. No matter where you are, you can always work on the perfection of your physical and mental performance.

This training consists of a large number of courses, which are continuously supplemented and expanded.

Are you ready to be part of this unique journey?

Contents of the first course

In the first course we want to work with you step by step to learn the basics of using the sword. In the first lesson you will learn your first one-hand cut and the associated block. In another 10 lessons we will continuously expand and deepen the repertoire of techniques so that you have learned the complete basic techniques at the end of the course.

How do I hold the sword? What are the basic positions with the sword?

How do I move safely with the sword?

What are the basic variants of sword drawing?

How do I bring the sword back safely?

Straight one-handed cut
Angled one-hand cut
Horizontal one-hand cut
One-hand cut to the wrist

The appropriate block against each of the one-handed cuts.

Course for 1

without partner exercises

Further courses in this education

In many other courses of this training you will learn, building on the first part, the advanced techniques and complement your knowledge and skills in the art of the sword. Your path will lead you through the entire repertoire of our Sobudo Academy.

Straight two-handed cut
Horizontal two-hand cut
Upward cuts and many more

The appropriate block against each of the two-handed cuts.

Evasion is an important strategy in swordsmanship for defense and attack.

Rapid pulling and rapid return of the sword.

The strategy after the first cut, to prepare and place the second.

Effective defense against series of attacks.

Exercises for speed, precision and real distance.

You get all of this

consecutive lessons
regular activation of new courses and content
Exercise instructions for download as PDF
VIP access to the exclusive Facebook group

Your trainer in this education

Sensei Christian Hausegger
” Through physical work, to spiritual maturity. ”

Sensei Christian Hausegger began his Sobudo training in 1982. In 2000 he opened his first sports school and has since trained and supported numerous students. Currently he holds the rank of Shihan in the Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha.